Friday, October 24, 2014

The Nobel Stupidity

In 1905, Albert Einstein published his findings about the inexplicable photoelectric phenomena. It took long 16 years for the Nobel committee to understand the significance of his findings and award him with a price. This is pretty much the story of every Nobel winners. Everyone in the world listens when Nobel committee announces their winner’s list. Nobel was reserved for only the world’s finest. Even today, Nobel is widely regarded as the highest honor that a man can get.

Today, the renowned Nobel committee is slowly losing their reputation. Presenting the Nobel peace prize to someone like Malala is utterly irresponsible. You don't present Physics Nobel prize for a man who accidentally found an alien ship in his basement. It takes a lifetime of efforts and results to be awarded with a Nobel, or so thinks people. Malala, if the story is true, is really a brave girl. She had some troubles with taliban and received their fury in the form of a bullet. Even her speech in UN assembly was a cunningly created script. I don't want to go into the conspiracy theories, “Giving Malala Yousafzai the Nobel Peace Prize is like giving the Nobel Prize for Literature to the winner of the National Spelling Bee”

By re quoting this statement I didn't mean to offend the bravery or spirit shown by Malala. She fought for a cause. I am merely pointing to the fact that giving Malala the honour, while there are so many people out there who deserve the prize more than her, was irresponsible.
Why malala? why not Irom Sharmila? why not gene Sharp?
However, selecting Malala from a nominee list that had the name of Vladimir Putin in it, is certainly not a fault decision.

"Aaaaannnddd.... lets hear what famous American Model Naomi Campbell has to say about all this....."

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  1. Two small points the famous model is British not amurkan though I accept many Indians are as confused about western geography and vice versa. Second Irom Sharmila has categorically refused all farther prizes. She seeks only the removal of afspa from Manipur. Indians don't mind lobbying for prizes for her but they won't lobby for her actual cause. She was due to stand trial next week in Delhi 14th attempt to secure due process. But Indians treat their women as goddesses. In her case this means keeping her locked up in a cell in Imphal out of sight and mind and then complaining when foreigners don't offer her their money awards she has repeatedly stated she does not want and would if pressed refuse