Saturday, July 19, 2014

NGOs and national security - Conspiracy or reality

Lets wind the clock back few years, when the NGOs were considered as holy cows by the government. When international agreements laid their weight on social service projects and poverty alleviation, India used NGOs effectively. But, as soon as the report of IB was leaked (?), NGOs became a suspect. The leaked secret report generated a wave of mixed reactions. Now, the ministry is watching the famous environmental activists, and activities of the non governmental organizations closely. Even though the investigation was started few years back, it waited comfortably for the new government.

If NGOs are contaminated, then thats really a grave danger for the national security. When we cross examine the activities of NGOs, let it be in Koodankulam or Odisha, we can see that the people are not happy. No one can deny this fact. We know that, even with a heavy financial aid, it is impossible to manipulate an entire society containing educated and uneducated people with different political outlooks. Few months back, the then PM Manmohan Singh broke his notorious stoic calm and blamed American corporates for the unrest in Koodankulam. He argued that foreign funded NGOs were trying to reverse the industrial development in India.
People in these areas are not concerned about anything, but their lives and future. All they want is genuine answers from the authorities. If couple of dollars from the corporates were manipulating the masses in India, then what was the government doing? Why the hesitation, when they could end all these senseless debates with a lucid and detailed explanation?
It is pretty difficult to contain outraged mass. People in Koodankulam are not outraged, at least till now. They are carefully organized, and they have a strong leadership. It doesn't seems like they are going to get the answers anytime soon.
So, then another question arises. Is the path and ideology of the NGOs are right for the betterment of the country? lets look at this issue on the basis of marxist ideology. Marxism is built on the theory of class struggle. Marx says that there will always be an oppressed class and an oppressing class. In a corrupt  democratic system it is between the government and marginalized people, or working class. Marxist ideology encourages people, to overthrow governments and introduce a communist welfare state. Basically, the aim of communists and capitalists is same. To build a welfare state. It has three aspects, powerful government, powerful economy, and powerful army.
But, the concept of neo NGO group welfare state is pretty different. They dont want to overthrow government. Their solution includes social justice, empowerment of the marginalized, and secular humanism. They don't consider government as the ultimate authority. Their philosophy is based on the assumption that, if the government is democratic, it is always flexible. Government is bounded with certain social parameters. Ultimate authority is the people.
Viewpoint of the NGOs might look great, but you must consider the practical aspect. Communism, as a basic concept is inexplicably great. However, practicality is extremely different from the theory. There is a slight chance that, in the current form, the work of NGOs might make the government harsh and ruthless.

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