Monday, March 31, 2014

Amidst Illusions and Reality

To put the idea in one sentence, I will use - “reality is a bitch”. You might think whats so fuzzy about reality? Actually, reality is an illusion that you can experience in life. In a more precise manner, reality is the epitome of all illusionary perspectives. You might have heard about the wave function collapse phenomena. According to the dual
theory of matter, everything have two facets. An electron cannot be singled out and picked up using any method possible (without destabilizing the structure of atom). Because, electron spins around the nucleus as a wave. When we try to measure the speed, location, or anything related to it, the wave function will disappear and electron will put on the cloth of matter. This is a tricky observation. When we try to observe, wave function collapses. This is quite fantastically portrayed in 'double slit experiment'.
Here comes some big questions. What is the purpose of life? Where did this universe comes from? What is the role of man?

Well, one thing we can assume from all these observations is this - universe is here in this form, because of us, because we are here to observe it. We are the reason behind the rotation of kalachakra. If it wasn't for us, this universe might not be here. Wave function collapses when someone is watching. This is a rough idea, not scientifically proved, but it is possible that we have a symbiotic, 'mutually beneficial' relationship with the universe.

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