Wednesday, March 19, 2014

An Evening With Shiv Shankar Menon

An Evening With Shiv Shankar Menon

Shiv Shankar Menon, the security advisor of India landed securely on the podium adorned by planning board of Kerala in Mascot hotel Trivandrum yesterday. Though there were many intriguing things  about that evening, plum cake and salad require special applauds. Planning board proved their potential beyond any doubt, by planning such a wonderful evening coupled with a cup of cold coffee (ordinary coffee, filled in cup 20 minutes before serving).
There were many Hi-Fi government officers, chief secretary Bharat Bhooshan, DGP, and Divya Iyer IRS with a new hair style. Mr. Menon started his speech on time. It was interesting, compassionate, comforting, humanitarian – in a political sense, but less informative. He completed his speech with a sense of satisfaction (or relief?), but when former foreign ambassador Sreenivasan pointed out some issues which he missed, suddenly the eve became bright.
A security advisor has his limits. He cannot touch sensitive areas of foreign and domestic affairs, without thinking thrice. The audience could not care less about this fact, so they asked, asked, and asked about Crimea, Malaysian Flight, Chinese dam in Brahmaputra, submarines constantly going under water, and SreeLanka. Indeed he gave answers in a politically correct language, but it felt like the speech of a politician. He attacked the mindset of people, who want to enlarge and create a mass hysteria out of every minor issue.
His opinion about water security might not be agreeable to all, but some people found it fascinating (including me). He said that, 2/3rd of Earth is covered by water, so we don't have to worry about water scarcity. We can always make the sea water drinkable, with the effective utilization of energy. So, the fundamental issue at hand is about clean and green energy.
Divya Iyer, as usual, asked a great question about the democratization of national security. The concept was well received and appreciated by Mr.Menon. However, some people (alright! Alright!, not some people, just ME) doubt the practicality of that idea. Democratization of internal security is indeed a great concept, but we have many things to consider before implementing it.
So Mr. menon in a nutshell will look like - "India is in good relationship with Sree lanka, Japan, Bangladesh, China, and Asia pacific neighbors. Not only we are in good terms, but also our relationship status is at its peak, like never before."
With all due respect sir, I am bound to agree with your opinion. And ofcourse, it is good to have a handful of friends with benefits.

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  1. It was really an energetic class to us. he figured out the actual situation of India's security, i.e. very strong comapred to another nations and also he advice to us avoid misinformation that giving by social media. Also view our actual vision in accurate information that given by our authorities.