Thursday, March 20, 2014

Why Kejriwal Should Beat Lord Kamdev With a Broomstick

Why Kejriwal Should Beat Lord Kamdev With a Broomstick

"If it wasn't for him, we shouldn't be enjoying all these facilities. 2G auction gave the telecommunication sector a hard push towards development...."

Don't be alarmed, it's just a promotional title I created to grab your attention and increase my page view. However, there is an eminent and distinct connection between Kamadeva and a groundbreaking corruption case occurred couple of years ago...
Let me give you a brief outline of what people think about 2G scam. “2G spectrum license is an important license. Telephone companies need this license to provide services all over India or something like that. Mr. A. Raja, the then tele-com minister made crores and crores of rupees by selling this spectrum license to really bad people. He invested all this money somewhere in Switzerland. Government lost a lot of money from this deal. It has something to do with Kanimozhi, second coming of Jesus Christ, CIA, and the Ambani family”
Grab on tight, because I am about to shake some wrong believes out of you.

2G scam never looted money from government's pocket, at least in a direct sense. Government never lost a single paisa from its account. Then why are you hearing people bitching about all those uncountable currency notes? The answer is simple. Government account might have been credited with a huge amount of money, if there wasn't some corruption involved. 2G denotes a special range of frequency, required to carryout tele-communication services. Comptroller and auditor general of India (the designation 'comptroller' is ornamental. He is just an auditor general. I will tell you that story in another occasion.) estimated the exact amount of money, which should have been in our pocket, if everything was perfect. I don't know how, but the CAG did calculated the exact amount – 176645 crore. Kapil Sibal's zero loss theory infuriated many people, but its a fact.
I am not trying to reduce this scam as a mere case of recklessness from authorities. Supreme court countered Sibal's argument, by saying that there was some loss. Mr. A Raja was sent to jail on 9th may, and released on bail 5 days later. Many bureaucrats and politicians were accused and some of them are now spending their leisure time counting the bars.
Now, let me come to the point. I don't think anyone can easily forget those good old days, when you could talk to your loved ones all through night. The sky was overflowing with saccharine dripping SMSs. Every lover in the country was happy during those glorious days after the spectrum auction. Isn't it obvious that the telecommunication companies used their capital gain to gave people free talk times and messages.
These new generation Robin Hood companies began to wet their underwear soon after the discovery of 2G corruption. I don't personally blame Mr. Raja or Kanimozhi for their illegal acts, because I thing there was some other forces involved. Some people might find this as absolute nonsense, but it defenitley seems like the work of Indian Cupid. He somehow managed to broke the security of Raja and shoot an arrow to his heart. He did it for the sake of humanity, for tender heart beats, for love. If it wasn't for him, we shouldn't be enjoying all these facilities. 2G auction gave the telecommunication sector a hard push towards development.

"We, the shameless beings will continue searching for him as a criminal. We will hunt him, because he can take it. Because he is not our hero. He is a silent guardian... a watchful protector... A Dark Night..."

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